Accomodation «ANGELOS Village Apartments»

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From Angelos Village is positioned just above Lakka and Lakka Bay with some of the most beautiful views of Lakka and the surrounding scenery and it’s only five minutes walk into Lakka.

The accommodation is modern with air condition and there is TV in all the bedrooms. From the terraces and balconies you will have some of the best views of Lakka Bay which is at its best at sunset.

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • A/C
  • Plasma TV
  • Baby cot (if needed)
  • Breakfast
  • Common pool
  • With sea view
  • Cleanliness
  • Modern apartments

From Red Luxury Cottage you have easy access to the following places:

  • Kanoni Beach: 600 m
  • Harami Beach: 700 m
  • Bus Stop: 150 m
  • Super Market: 150 m
  • Loggos: 5 km
  • Gaios Port: 9 km


When you land on paxos you become part of an older , slower and pleasanter world, where the visitor is welcomed but tourism does not dominate. Crystal clear seas and a multitude of small bays fringed with white pebble beaches create an ideal holiday setting, but paxos has more to offer than just this . The holly interior is covered with olive groves, broken by the occasional line of dark cypresses and speckled with small farming communities little changed by the passing of time.

The cool, shaded footpaths, sometimes walled with limestone blocks and studded with ancient olive presses give glimpses of a more peaceful world where the donkey is still an important form of transport. The island is roughly 19 sq. kilometers a size manageable on foot and simple by the local bus or, better still, by boat. The three main settlements are all on the East coast. Gaios, where the luxury yachts at the quayside seem to be moored almost on top of the cafes, tavernas and shops. Loggos in the centre and lakka in the north are smaller fishing villages, both delightfully set in sheltered bays.

The west coast of paxos is dominated by impressive cliffs and rocky inlets. There are cliff top paths with beautiful views, and the scenery is even more impressive from sea level. There are many opportunities for round-the-island trips where the rugged beauty of the cliffs can be enjoyed and also excursions to antipaxos, the lovely and largely uninhabited island off the southern tip of paxos. Friendships breed easily on an island the size of paxos.

The paxiots are a happy people who are proud of their home and its history and anxious that guests should share in the pleasures of their unhurried lifestyle. The visitor soon comes to know many of the local people and within a few days ceases to feel an outsider and becomes a member of the community. The high proportion of holiday makers who return to paxos year after year is tribute not only to the beauty of the island but also to the warmth of the paxiot welcome.